Thursday, September 08, 2011

Standing With ChicoBag!

Did you hear? ChicoBag is being sued by three plastic bag manufacturers. I support alternatives to plastic bags and HEART this small California-based company. I have kept a ChicoBag in my purse for four years now. I take the bag out whenever I go shopping. It's a great invention. The bag folds up and fits into a pouch. Sometimes I forget my basket. But, I can always whip out my ChicoBag. In fact, I have two. In this photo, you can see how small the pouch is and light-weight. I was even thinking of having some made up as gifts for 2012 guests at Chez Sven.

Please sign the petition started by leading environmental and civic organizations in defense of ChicoBag. Reusable bags are so much better for the environment than single-use plastic!

(This post is part of the Patchwork Living Blogging Bee at Frugal Kiwi and Attainable Sustainable).