Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Miss the Wellfleet Farmers Market!

The second to last Wellfleet farmers market of 2011 was held today from eight to noon behind Preservation Hall. I have really enjoyed the chance to buy fresh fruit and veggies over the past few months. I picked up some heirloom tomatoes from Victoria at H&H Farm. Check out her amazing eggplant!

Last Wednesday the market was organized inside, which was fun, too. There were fresh flowers from Long Pond Farm, organic local eggs, gourds of all shapes and sizes.

Katie Reed, whose raw foods class was featured in yesterday's post, animated a stand that sold both vegetables and raw food ingredients like Brazil nuts and hemp seeds. Today I sampled some of her banana ice cream, with cacao sauce. Yum!

Light from the stained glass windows lit up Tracy Plaut's stand last week. She was selling chocolate mint jelly, homemade blueberry jam, salsa, pesto, and much more on behalf of Preservation Hall. I bought three jars, the perfect gift for a friend and a nice way to support our community center.

When I lived in France, I went to the farmers market several times a week, all year long.

We are fortunate to have a farmers market in Wellfleet, even if it is only open during the summer months. Farmers markets are only successful if they are attended by the local population. If you have not yet been, do try to go today, or next Wednesday.

Does your town have a farmers market? What produce have you bought recently that you particularly enjoyed? Did you get a chance to chat with the folks who grew the produce?