Saturday, September 03, 2011

Cape Cod Featured in Wall Street Journal

Today the Wall Street Journal describes Cape Cod as the ideal fall destination and suggests what to do if you have only three days to explore, say this Labor Day weekend, for instance. Wellfleet gets visited on Sunday afternoon. Restaurants chosen are PB and Wicked Oyster. The reporter also recommends the bike trail and Duck Harbor Beach. This is an interesting choice because so few people know how wonderful Duck Harbor is. I always mention Duck Harbor to guests, especially anyone here with children. The waves are less frightening, for one thing. The beach is usually deserted. You can still find shells. The professional photographer did not do such a great job, in my opinion, but then it is hard to capture Duck Harbor in a photo. A long time ago, I wrote a post about why Duck Harbor Beach is so special. It's a good post, worth reading again. Check it out.

Did you like the WSJ article? Have you visited Duck Harbor?