Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Outer Cape Wildlife Quiz

What wildlife exists on the Outer Cape? Can you name three wild animals? Probably, most of you thought coyotes, foxes, and racoons. We also have squirrels, chipmunks, and deer. Right? Oh, and Thanksgiving is coming in a couple months, so let’s not forget the wild turkeys that wander onto the roads from time to time, almost as tame as the foxes. What else? There aren’t many rabbits anymore because of the influx of predators. Swimming in our ponds we have, besides mercury-laden fish and frogs … turtles! Yes, and my granddaughter got to hold one this summer. (Remember how she loved the tadpoles in Dyer Pond? Same for the turtles. Note, she threw both back.)

Last but not least, I must mention a recent arrival, an animal that we actually saw lurking in the yard one day. Fisher cats. Not so pleased with this new predator that sneaks into fox and coyote dens to find supper. The fisher cats make a dreadful screech in the night that sounds like a neighbor’s wife being murdered. This creature does not have predators, so chances are they will multiply.

Can anyone think of a wild animal I forgot to mention?