Thursday, September 02, 2010

Why OCHS Deserves Our Support

This has been a particularly musical summer at Chez Sven. We had two fiddlers as guests in July, and now Ulf, a Swede with a viola, is staying in the cottage with his wife, Beth. No doubt they’ll want to attend at least one of the concerts this weekend to benefit Outer Cape Health Services (OCHS). What concerts? Glad you asked. Baroque violinist Monica Huggett will play in Provincetown Saturday at PAMM, 3 pm, and the Parkington Sisters will perform Sunday in Wellfleet at the Chequessett Yacht and Country Club at 7:30.

In 1970, my parents were delighted to have found this charming old house, close to the village yet not in it. What my dad especially appreciated about the location was its proximity to OCHS. He liked being near a doctor at all times. If any of you have been ill while on an Outer Cape vacation, or live here and need medical treatment, you know what a pleasant experience OCHS can be. Cheerful staff, competent medical professionals, a lab technician who is always on time and an absolute ace at drawing blood.

What I am building up to is a call for support. We are solicited all the time, from all directions. Requests for money come both by mail and online. OCHS is not as aggressive with its fund raising as some other organizations, but that does not mean the need is less. Check out the mission statement: “Outer Cape Health Services is a federally funded not-for-profit community health center. Our mission is to provide high quality primary health care to those living in or visiting the eight towns of Lower and Outer Cape Cod, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our vision is to ensure that all people on Lower and Outer Cape Cod have access to high quality, affordable primary health care.”

My parents were among the earliest supporters. They recognized the value of the work done quietly every day for the common good. While Dad would not have appreciated the fact that OCHS plans to move, he would definitely have recognized the necessity for larger, more modern quarters. Several locations are under consideration for the new 12,000 square foot center. The OCHS Building Committee wants a pharmacy to be part of the plan, since Wellfleetians have to travel to Provincetown or Orleans for meds. (Note, the Economic Development Committee recommended both the pharmacy and a transfer of town land near the Senior Center.)

Recently renovations were made to existing facilities in Wellfleet and P-town to the tune of 150K. The Wellfleet renovations were undertaken as part of a three-year plan with the future expansion in mind. My personal doc and head of OCHS Barbara Prazak reports, “The money raised is to support all the projects OCHS has going. Operations, pharmacy development, renovations at both sites. The new wing has been financed by Obama stimulus money.”

So, how can you help? Attend one of concerts over Labor Day weekend and shop at the AIM thrift shop. No longer in Wellfleet? Support OCHS through its annual campaign.