Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hatche's Closes for Nine Months

The place to be this morning was the Town Hall parking lot where a line had formed at everyone's favorite fish shop. The doors were to open at 10 and people must have come down at least twenty minutes earlier, eager to take advantage of the extraordinary closing day prices: one half off everything. I eyeballed the line and decided what I needed was fruit and veggies, rather than fish. So, I took up position behind Liz Grant, beside the bananas.

"You must be the famous local blogger," she said, which made us both laugh.

We chatted as the veggie line began to move. Before the fog horn, conch shells and trumpets sounded to announce ten o'clock, eight ladies and one gent posed for the photo above. We will miss Lauren and the opportunity to buy fresh local produce and organic fruit. Good-bye until next year!