Wednesday, September 08, 2010

To Milk, Perchance to Make Profit

Sven loves milk. The verb “love” doesn’t even come close. He can down a half-gallon at one gulp. I buy organic milk for my husband and for Chez Sven’s guests. When I started writing this blog almost five years ago, I never intended for it to provide warnings to consumers about products that could cause cancer, but from time to time, that’s what I feel obligated to do, given the corporate hold on our country. So, please, think about non-organic milk today ...

You have seen the advertising campaign “Got Milk?” and the milk mustaches on celebrities. Actually, these days, rather than “Got Milk?” that campaign should say, “Got Growth Hormones?” People would stop and say, "Eh??" If given a choice, most folks do not want growth hormone in their milk.

The pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly sells both rBGH — also known as rBST, a bovine hormone that may cause breast cancer — and drugs to cure breast cancer. They are playing it both ways.

Breast cancer is no fun. This week, on her blog The Fabulous Geezersisters, my friend Ruth Pennebaker shares an intimate journal, revealing what it’s like to get breast cancer. In this new century, even men get breast cancer. This must stop.

So, please, be you man or woman, visit the Breast Cancer Action Web site and sign the petition to make Eli Lilly as lily-white as their name implies.

Greed, greed, greed. Enough already!

Do you drink regular, raw, or organic milk? What do you think of having bovine growth hormone injected in cows to increase milk production? Have you signed the petition yet?