Sunday, September 05, 2010

New Antique Shop Opens at Cove Corner

A week ago Billingsgate Art & Antiques opened its doors in the IGA building at Cove Corner. The shop belongs to Antoinette Berger, who looks forward to sharing her knowledge of antique jewelry and art with folks on the Outer Cape. Furniture, linens and "objects of curiosity" will also be available for sale. "If it speaks to me, I buy it," she declares with a wink. "It's much easier to sell something if I like it visually."

I pick out a pendant from a display, just right as a Christmas gift for a dear friend, and ask its origin.

"England," Antoinette says without hesitation. "Carmelite. Not that old, but lovely. We have a shipment of Victorian and Art Deco jewelry coming in next week."

She will greet visitors with Rick Jacobson, a cabinetmaker, chosen by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce for its Sourcebook, a definite honor as his partner quickly points out. Five other vendors and Taqwa Glassmaker Christie Andresen will also share the space.

"It's an exciting group of people," Antoinette says, rubbing the Carmelite with a special cloth for jewelry.

Billingsgate plans to accept some consignments but most of the objects available for sale will be antiques, chosen with lots of TLC. There was a basket of handkerchiefs and a coat rack strung with colorful scarves. The array of antique tools will certainly interest Sven, evidence that both men and women can find treasures here.

Local artists' work will be shown on a regular basis. This month the featured artists are Susan Goldstein of Wellfleet, responsible for the great textile art in a second room, and Brenda Steinberg.

It's quite clear Antoinnette feels right at home in the shop. That she is so at ease is not surprising. Her mother was a designer. Granddad sold antique jewelry in Chicago. "I think it must be genetic," Antoinette says with a laugh.

I left, very pleased with my purchase. Stop in and say hello. You'll be glad you did.