Saturday, September 18, 2010

Early Cold Takes Tourists by Surprise

Our Green Room guests, in town for a wedding on a bay beach, shivered at the idea of venturing outside after breakfast. Sven and I shivered as we left our Volvo at LeCount Hollow in the middle of the afternoon. A group of tourists stood on the shore, shivering. One wore only a T-shirt. He clutched himself with both bare arms, poor man. As we watched, the group turned from the sea and started back towards the empty parking lot. Cold is the word that was on my mind as I followed Sven down the ramp. I think cold was on the mind of everyone who remained on that beach yesterday, one lady with a dog, a couple, and two fishermen.

“The exercise will be good for us,” Sven offered as encouragement.

I was pulling on my pink windbreaker. It did not provide much warmth. The afternoon sun, promised by the weatherman, had been a no-show. Where was my wool sweater? Back home in a drawer. Had I known it would be this cold, my attire would have been more appropriate.

“Should have worn my anorak,” I muttered.

We found the sand castles of Wednesday’s post had disappeared with the tide. The sea sponges were still in place, as was one of the crab carcasses. No children on the beach today though, too cold. We didn’t stay long, I admit. Even Sven was willing to cut short our walk, with the wind whipping white caps from the horizon. Still, I don’t regret going down for a brisk breath of sea air. We have a regular guest who loves this type of weather. Do you go to the beach when it’s cloudy and cold, or is the sun necessary to you for a “beach experience?”