Thursday, September 09, 2010

GE Salmon to Receive FDA Approval

Genetically engineered salmon will be coming soon to a fish store near you, if the F.D.A. has its way, according to this article in the New York Times. You can also read about it in today's newsfeed from Time Magazine. Visitors to Wellfleet enjoy our seafood restaurants and fish shops, so I decided to see what the local experts have to say on the subject...

Ron Mcclellan, at Hatch’s on the Town Hall parking lot, sells both farmed and wild salmon. Ron thought a moment before siding against: “I don’t think it’s a great idea. We already have problems with (farmed) fish escaping and messing up all the wild fish. I’d prefer to see them grow the salmon we have now inland.”

My next stop was the Boathouse Fish Market. The saleslady did not want to give me her name, or voice an opinion. Instead she suggested contacting Cape Tip Seafoods. I noticed that the display case contained only one type of salmon, which shall remain nameless, since it was not labeled.

Then I headed over to the offices at Mac’s Seafood where I found Sam Bradford and Alex Hay behind their desks, hard at work. They were not aware of the article and asked me to email it. So, what did they think of GE salmon?

“There’s probably a place for it in the market,” Sam said.

Alex immediately wanted to know what the modifications would be. “If it’s farm-raised and kept completely in captivity, it’s like a controlled science project, you know?”

Alex said he prefers farm-raised salmon to wild due to the taste, more fat, more flavor. “Little wild salmon is used in sushi,” he added, reminding me that Mac’s Shack has carved out a niche for itself with spectacular sushi and a sushi chef who draws raves.

So, your turn. What do you think of genetically engineered salmon? Do you want to eat it? Those of you who, like me, are opposed, please express yourself on this petition.