Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Incognito No More

I have been bringing you lots of beach photos over the past few weeks because I know many readers are feeling withdrawal, now that summer is over, and have been missing Wellfleet. It’s been cool, actually cold yesterday morning, so I had to serve breakfast inside. I chatted with our Green Room guests for an hour, about this and that. One of the main topics was renovation: another, what makes a good B&B, where guests feel comfortable, welcome and happy. Once our Liberty Coin Suite guests had arrived, it was time for LeCount Hollow.

“Who would have expected it to be warmer on the beach!” Sven exclaimed as we set off on our walk.

A fisherman positioned his poles, while his daughter played nearby. The surf was still vigorous, due to Igor, and a hint of fall had slipped into the air despite the warm sun. No seals in view, but we did see a couple beachcombers. The sand felt just right, hard as rock, perfect for walking. The waves rolled in, shooting foam up the beach. Sven even got caught unawares by a wave, which does not happen very often.

Meanwhile, I was taking photos. It's tough trying to capture the absolute beauty, because there’s this split second where you have to position and snap. If you miss that second, the photo is off. I like this shot though, don't you?

After our beach walk, Sven and I drove downtown to buy a few provisions at Wellfleet Marketplace. I ducked into the store and headed right back out. A man with short curly hair stood on the sidewalk, in front of a pick-up truck, and he was holding out his hand, as if he expected me to shake it.

“Are you the person who runs Chez ….the bed & breakfast?” he asked.

“Chez Sven. Yes, that’s me,” I said, wondering how he knew.

The stranger broke into a happy smile.

“My name is Don. I read your blog every day. I tell everyone I know. We have friends in Switzerland. I tell them, too. If you want to know what Wellfleet is like, read this blog.”

I was touched and thanked him, extremely moved. (Again, thank you, Don!) It’s nice to have one’s work recognized from time to time although it looks like my days of going incognito in town may be drawing to an end …