Thursday, July 08, 2010

What I Didn't Do Yesterday

Here’s a comment I just received from Chris: “Thank you for your articulate, informative, insightful and uplifting blog. With all my goings on here at my 1950's cottage via renovations (energy-efficient) and trying to expand my organic veggie gardens at the same time ... (just what was I thinking???), summer family company, etc. ... checking in periodically on your blog is like a breathe of fresh air.”

So nice, so nice.

And, welcome to follower #50! In eight posts, a big event: Post 1000.

I had a very busy day yesterday but did not get to the beach yet again. Instead, I heard from guests how wonderful it was at Newcomb Hollow from 4 to 8 pm. Their enthusiasm reminded me of last year, when I went walking at dusk. Beachgoers were making bonfires, waves lapped at the shore, and the sun, setting way down beyond Provincetown, illuminated the sea on Welllfeet's backshore beaches with a pearly effervescence. Some tourists spend hours at the beach, in the hot sun, and miss the most amazing time, twilight ...