Monday, July 12, 2010

PB Boulangerie Bistro to Open for Dinner

I snapped the photo above one year and one week ago. When I stopped by, Philippe Rispoli and Boris Villatte had begun tearing down the walls at the old clam shack on LeCount Hollow Road themselves, unable to wait one day longer to start their project. The right-hand wall of the small shop is now covered with baskets. Each basket contains a different type of bread. A line of customers snakes out the door toward the parking lot. Today I bought bread with my daughter, who grew up outside Paris, and she commented, "Makes me nostalgic. Smells like France in here ..."

How far the two childhood friends have come since this photo! Their dream has been realized with the phenomenal success of their bakery, opened in February: (Un succes fou!) Several weeks ago the chef flexed his culinary muscles cooking breakfast and lunch for the bistro. Now the big moment has arrived: (Le grand moment!) Time for more serious activity: (Passons aux choses serieuses.) Philippe will offer up cuisine francaise starting Wednesday, which happens to be Bastille Day. Since the PB Boulangerie Bistro owners are sensible folks, they decided to stop serving breakfast and concentrate on dinner. Light fare will be available in the dining room and on the deck from 3 to 5. Then "le diner" will be served from 5 to 11. Escargots? Coq au Vin? Cuisses de grenouille? I have not yet been fortunate enough to get a peek at the menu, but I bet moules marinieres will be featured, as well as clever adaptations of French specialties, only featuring "Wellfleet" prominently in the name. Get your stars ready: (Preparez vos etoiles!) This is sure to be a class act. Remember that old French proverb, "Qui mange bien, vit bien." What?? That's not a French proverb? Well, it should be. A table!