Friday, July 16, 2010

Do You Eat Genetically-Modified Foods?

The answer to the question in the title today is probably yes, if you live in the United States. Finally, citizens are beginning to wake up to the danger of genetically-modified crops. Not only is there the question of whether GMOs are good for people to eat or not (and I think not), but GMO crops spread through self-seeding and corrupt what is being grown organically nearby. GMOs have been imposed on the USA and not a peep did the industry hear from anyone. Europe was sensible to create laws against GMOs. Sign a petition against GMOs here. Fortunately there's a growing movement to promote local food and use organic food from community gardens, like this one here in Wellfleet, where Philipe Hunt of Winslow's Tavern collected calendula blossoms last weekend. Here's the Buy Fresh Buy Local Web site to help you find wholesome food on Cape Cod. Remember, you are what you eat. Check out the video below which explains how to identify whether or not the food you buy is genetically-modified and please do your best to pressure legislators on this important issue.