Monday, July 26, 2010

How Sharing Information Can Make A Difference

Above, Wellfleetians hold hands at a Hands Across the Sand event on Mayo Beach a month ago. This was one of the first protests I have attended in my life, and I am quite sure it will not be my last. A whole family organized the Wellfleet event during the 75th birthday of the grandfather. They stand here together, holding signs in favor of clean energy, created for the event. I learned about Hands Across the Sand through the Internet.

At breakfast yesterday morning, I was explaining to our Green Room guests, Great and Mike, how important protection of the environment has become to me. Greta explained she made sure the pediatrician did not give her kids more vaccinations than required by the state, and never more than three at a time. I told her about wanting a better world for my grand-kids. Her husband Mike had read my post about Slow Death by Rubber Duck and asked to see the book. I explained how I have started posting often to Facebook where I have discovered an informed community of people who share knowledge on toxins in the environment. I gave the couple several relevant Web sites before they left, including Environmental Working Group and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. Yesterday I touched two people, who will each reach out and touch at last two other people. Little by little, we will spread the word. You can find a guest post I wrote today for Kerri Campbell on this very subject at her fabulous green blog Living Large in our Little House.

While waiting for guests this afternoon, I am watching Crude. Do check out the clever video on Chevron, which could also be describing other environmental disasters, where corporations drilled for oil, like in the Gulf Coast, for instance ...