Monday, July 05, 2010

Assignment: Draw A Boat

You never know what you are going to encounter at the Wellfleet marina. Here, for instance, an art class focuses in on a couple of fishing boats, docked at the pier. The parking lot has been quite full ever since the mega-weddings last weekend. People park for Pearl restaurant, Mac's Seafood, and the Frying Pan Gallery, as well as for their pleasure boats. The marina did not used to be such a draw, but now its renovated and there's a magnificent walkway all the way around, with benches that allow folks to sit from time to time and admire the view. Someone even planted flowers in flower boxes. (I have not been down yet this week to see if the same person or people have been watering the flowers: it's a tough summer for plantings.) There's something else that's new at the marina. For the first time, Wellfleet tourists can recycle bottles in recycling bins. Check out who sponsored the first bin to the left!