Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Thousand Posts!

Today Chezsven Blog celebrates post 1000!! I have written 10 X 100 posts about being a green innkeeper and living in Wellfleet, over a period of four and a half years, a real milestone. Today Sven and I will break out the champagne. My favorite post is a frivolous one, “Confessions of an Addicted Woman,” with “Wellfleet Blues” as a close second. In third place comes Sing-a-long from November, 2009. These posts are more creative than what I usually dish up, which is perhaps why I like them so much. Another post I was particularly proud of informed the world about last December’s Preservation Hall Wreath Sale: ”Building Community, One Wreath at a Time”.

One of the unexpected benefits of writing this blog has been meeting the people who enjoy it and reading their comments: the Wellfleet residents and non-residents, the tourists, the occasional family member. Shelly, for instance, who stopped by last week to say hello, wrapped in a colorful sarong, stone bracelets jingling at her wrists. Her husband Walter particularly likes my photos. He said they help him get through the long cold winter.

Of course, my biggest fan is Sven. I asked him to name a favorite post and he said, "I liked them all." Now that's solidarity!

Selectman Dale Donovan paid me the supreme compliment by telling me how much he enjoys the blog, that it keeps him informed on what’s going on in Wellfleet, surely an exaggeration, but sweet of him all the same.

A favorite series of posts was about the shipwreck at Newcomb Hollow Beach.

Over the fall of 2009, I documented the struggle to stop the utility company from spraying up to five herbicides under the power lines and hoped my posts were informative. From listening to the 23 professors in Stefan Jarl’s new documentary, Submission: In Defense of the Unborn, I now know this danger has a name: the “cocktail effect.” Pollution with one herbicide might not make a difference but scientists believe putting five together can radically change behavior. Environmental pollution has drawn more attention with the Gulf oil spill. Let’s hope this coverage in the media makes a difference for us on Cape Cod when it comes time to control vegetation under the power lines.

In May, 2010, I participated in a Blogathon and posted daily, something I have been doing for a year, but this time in unison with a community of 110 professional writers.

Do you have a favorite post? Is there some specific aspect of Wellfleet you would like to read about?

I will keep writing Chezsven Blog: Wellfleet Today but cannot guarantee posts every single morning. In the meantime, thanks for coming along for the ride. Wish you were here to share the champagne. Chin-chin!