Monday, July 19, 2010

A July Day in the Life

I got up at 7, as usual. Made coffee. Showered, prepared breakfast for guests. Three sets of new guests were coming, so I knew I had a very busy day ahead of me. The cottage guests left early, off to Ireland. I thanked them for the box of Irish chocolates, delicious. Not everyone thinks to bring a PRESENT to an innkeeper, in fact, VERY FEW people think to bring a present to an innkeeper, so this present was especially appreciated. I stripped beds and did laundry, hung the sheets out to dry. I made the beds and prepared flower bouquets while the sun was still relatively low in the sky. Making bouquets is one task I do with relish. It allows me to walk through the garden, a peaceful place, and contemplate nature. After lunch, my friend Christel, from Ocean of Serenity, dropped by to help with the cottage. We vacuumed and cleaned sinks, tubs, toilets, floors. Once everything sparkled, I felt ready and looked at the clock. Two p.m.! No time to change clothes as my first guest pulled into the parking area. From Buffalo, NY, she is attending a course at the Cape Cod Institute. Once I had given my talk about Wellfleet, I joined Christel for a cup of tea. Then the phone rang. Christel left to give someone a massage. I chatted with Cousin Maria, from Germany for ten minutes. Whoa! Pounding on the front door! The Green Room guests had arrived and with much gusto. This was their second visit and were they ever eager to tell me about new proficiency as kayakers, acquired through practice on the Charles River, and plans to explore the waterways of Cape Cod over the next three days. Last year I asked them to take photos with my camera and wrote a blog post about kayaking. Once these nice folks had settled in, I watered the garden for an hour. Time for dinner, and the news on TV, with feet up because it's been a long, hot day. The cottage guests arrived around 9 pm. I welcomed them and .... FULL STOP! What’s wrong with this picture so far? Oh, right! My husband. The SVEN part of Chez Sven. No sign of him. That's because he’s in Sweden, on vacation, for two weeks. Check out the photo Gloria took of his amazing eyes!