Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Beautiful Day in Wellfleet!

Another beautiful day dawned this morning, and the birds, outside my window, celebrated with birdsong. Yesterday Sven and I worked in the garden, weeding and planting potatoes, Sven's favorite, as well as more flowers. We did make it to the ocean, as these photos attest. There were a number of first-timers there, in awe of the view from the LeCount Hollow parking lot. Down on the beach, we ran into Alain and Joan Platt with their dog Carly. Our conversation went something like this:

"We've been wondering what you think of the PB Boulangeriebistro," Joan said.

"Who would have ever imagined Wellfleet to have a French bakery!" I exclaimed.

"We like the rustic bread," Alain said.

"Our favorite's the farmer," Sven said.

"But how does it compare with bread in France?" Joan and Alan asked in unison.

So, I gave them the full scoop on my impressions and recounted a conversation with my dentist, who grew up in France, lives in Yarmouth, and now finds reasons to come to the Outer Cape more often. On the way home, Sven and I stopped in to pick up bread. The Platts probably did the same. Check out the progress made on the deck. The restaurant should be open in no time ...