Sunday, May 02, 2010

Moby Dick’s To the Rescue!

Know why the Thursdays in May will be special this year? Moby Dick’s is donating a portion of the proceeds from all meals to the Preservation Hall project, which came up short $800,000, needed to renovate the interior. Get your pre-season fix of lobster, scallops, or fried fish, not to forget the house special, a whole deep-fried Spanish onion, all served up with a smile. The portions are large, the fish is fresh, the funky-picnic atmosphere can’t be beat. Know what Sven and I particularly appreciate about Moby’s? The restaurant reminds me of a summer camp where everyone is having a good time and it shows. Head counselors, Todd and Mignon Barry, gently guide the international crew of waitresses through their paces. The kids acquire useful skills like walking at a clip with a full tray of food held high, yes, but there's something more going on. You get the feeling these young people are genuinely happy and, from all our observations, seem to have found the perfect summer job. What’s more, this popular eatery serves up a “Whale of a Meal,” at recession-busting prices. Just remember to bring your own wine or beer. (While at Moby’s, check out the new porch and re-shingled roof.)