Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where Ahab Would Have Loved To Eat ....

When I tell guests about Moby Dick’s restaurant, I always say, “There will be a line, but it moves fast.” Indeed, Todd and Mignon Barry, who own the popular eatery on Route 6, have figured out how to serve great fresh seafood, at reasonable prices, to a multitude of folks, while never getting flustered or harried.

The décor would make Moby's franchise-able, but the Barrys have chosen to remain unique and, therefore, unforgettable. I noticed three novels, up on the wall, with pages marked, all mentioning the Wellfleet restaurant! I also admired a painting of the exterior, vintage local maps, folk-art whales, and three strings of unusual lights: lighthouses, lobsters, and belugas.

Sven and I were at Moby's last week for opening night, along with many other members of the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce, all in a festive mood since high season is almost here. I ordered broiled scallops. Sven, fish and chips. We started with a Cape Cod salad that featured pecans and cranberries. It was delicious and new to the menu. The staff, from England for the most part, can be counted on to serve with a smile. (Both our waitresses told Sven they were from Grimsby.)

While I was enjoying my ear of corn, I overheard Todd trying to convince a fellow member of the Chamber to hire a boy from Eastern Europe, who had contacted Moby's too late for employment. (Summer jobs go fast here.) Mignon and Todd work right alongside their crew and treat employees as might a mother hen and – rooster? No, Todd would be more of a sheepdog, herding the kids around. There’s a real sense of family about the place, which is perhaps why parents with children choose to eat at Moby’s while on vacation. The genial atmosphere has won the Barrys prizes for Best Family Restaurant on Cape Cod several years in a row.

If you are already a fan, check out the new fan page on Facebook.

If I am writing about Moby Dick’s today Wednesday, it’s to remind you that Moby’s is offering part of the proceeds tomorrow, Thursday, to the Preservation Hall folks. Yes, it’s a benefit, so plan to come on down!