Monday, May 10, 2010

Five Blogs I Cannot Live Without …

Today I thought I would share favorite blogs and explain why they are at the top of my own personal Obligatory-Reading List. Since this Blogathon list was a challenge to compose, here first are two runners-up: Living Large in Our Little House by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell and Mothering Outside the Lines by Jennifer Margulis, both blogs I pull up three times a week. Now on to the top five ....

5.) Ronni Bennett’s Time Goes By is the first blog I read, back in 2006, so it needed to be in this list. TGB documents what it is like to grow older and examines how society views seniors (usually not well). A former producer for Barbara Walters, Ronni offers Internet elders her wisdom, wit, and ability to research. (For about a year, Ronni has featured regular guest bloggers several times a week, whose posts I do not read.)

4.) And, it’s a tie for fourth place! In Fake Plastic Fish, Beth Terry records living with as little plastic as possible. Frugal Kiwi, by Melanie McMinn, offers tips on frugal living.

3.) Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families has a blog that I should read on a regular basis but sometimes forget. The latest post is about the conclusions reached by the President’s Cancer Panel, connecting chemicals and cancer.

2.) I read every new post by Alisa Bowman. Project Happily Ever After explores how to stay married, a mixture of therapy, humor, marital advice, and great writing, with a splash of sex thrown in for good measure.

1.) And, in number one position, Jennifer Mattern’s Breed 'Em and Weep. A year ago Jenn emailed about availability, adding a PS: “Love an innkeeper with a blog!” She took these photos while here. Jenn writes about the complexity of life as a single mom with two young daughters. Hattie and Sophie refer to their mother’s bi-polar condition as her “polar bears.” I read BEAW because of its amazing author who tosses words around like an expert knife-thrower in the circus, always on mark. I especially enjoyed April 12, “Remembering Ahead,” about the future loss of a beloved dog, or Jenn’s February 8 post (at Work it Mom! Single Mom at Work) “Sex me up, Pa Ingalls,” or “Hi, urology! Why so pissed off?” posted January 13 on BEAW, which made me laugh and laugh. Jenn’s latest post at Single Mom at Work is a take-off on a pop tune by Beyonce that will have all the single mamas in cyberspace shaking their booty. Check it out!

Now it’s your turn. Would you share your favorite blog?