Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Bonus Post: LeCount Hollow, Today

I might as well have called this post WHY WE LIVE HERE. It was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL at the beach today. Hot, too. I followed Sven's lead and removed my shoes in order to walk barefoot. Small, elegant waves slapped the shore. The dry sand fizzled, then the water made a swooshing sound, knocking stones together with a dull clunk, clunk, clunk as each wave withdrew.

It occurred to me, as we walked along, that this weather is not normal. Who ever heard of a string of hot days in late April and early May at Cape Cod??? Certainly it's a phenomenon we have never experienced since moving to Wellfleet a dozen years ago. On the way up the dune, I passed a little boy who proceeded his mother towards the sea. A shapely blond, she wore a flimsy orange sundress. He had optimistically donned a swimming suit.

"Feels like summer," I said.

"Take it!" she replied.

And, I did, all day. But, I cannot help but wonder if this early warmth will mean stronger hurricanes in July, August, or September .....