Saturday, May 22, 2010

Liberty Coin Suite Receives First Guests of Season

This weekend we have a full house, for the first time in 2010. Liberty Coin Suite, below, has no heat. For this reason, we do not book the first-floor room in the winter or spring. Sven loves to sleep upstairs in the off-season because it's so cold and he's a Nordic type. Now that summer is almost upon us, Sven and I moved our things out and did a massive spring cleaning. We installed a new mirror in the bathroom. It is hand-painted by an Israeli artist.

Our Liberty Coin guests arrived yesterday, mid-afternoon. They're avid weekend bikers and spent the afternoon exploring Wellfleet, with an obligatory stop at the extremely popular PB Boulangerie, situated near the head of the bike trail. Today, feeling more ambitious, they set off for Truro, via back roads, some paved, some not. Before leaving they peeked in the Green Room, where they had stayed last year, and decided they like their upstairs quarters equally well. (Don't know what I would have done had they said the opposite!)

This afternoon guests are arriving for the Green Room and the cottage. From the Green Room window, it's possible to view the poppies, which tend to remind Sven of France. Yesterday, when I was heading back across the yard from Seagull Cottage, I was amazed at how ethereal they looked, floating in the sunshine ...