Friday, May 07, 2010

Wellfleet’s Web Site Unveiled to Select Few

This morning the Citizens' Economic Development Committee, along with the sub-committee involved in creation of the future town Web site, and two representatives of the Cape Cod Commission all met for a preview of Wellfleet’s long-awaited Internet child. (We did not meet on this boat, but I thought the Navigator could stand in as a symbol of a successful commercial venture in town, one that could eventually attract passengers in all seasons.) Chair Paul Pilcher called the meeting a “historic moment.” Selectman Dale Donovan, Marcia Sexton of the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce, and Barbara Gray, head of the Community Forum, were also present. As a member of the original CEDC, I was eager to see what the cyberspace wizards had finalized.

First Paul Pilcher presented a summary. Then Rex Peterson shut off the lights and Christian P. pushed a few keys on his computer. What we witnessed next was a prototype of the future site. Since there were no members of the press present, I’m not going to divulge all the details, but here are three of the main points:
• The idea remains to attract tourists and non-residents to the Outer Cape in the shoulder season.
• Additional funding is needed for any frills and whistles (like Concierge Service, an interactive map, access to Twitter and/or Facebook).
• There’s a plan afloat for the creation of similar sites for Eastham and Truro.

Many questions were asked by myself and Simone Reagor of Preservation Hall. Many were answered by Kathy Shorr, who said she would be doing editing, sponsored by WHAT. ( Kathy and Paul are looking for free photos and text from residents and non-residents alike.)

The site does seem easy to navigate. We were also told it would be user-friendly and people would have no problem sharing information with friends. Those responsible hope for start-up with this “shell” as early as July 1. And, the Wellfleet model can be duplicated, which made the two Cape Cod Commission reps really perk up their ears.

The question remains, can Wellfleet become a “town of all seasons?”