Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zipping Around the Outer Cape in “Mcquerry”

Our Green Room guests this weekend arrived in a zipcar named Mcquerry. (Did you know each zipcar has its own name?) Mcquerry is a Mazda 3 and “lives” at the Museum of Fine Arts. I have seen zipcars in Boston, but no one has ever used one to reach our B&B before. When I asked the guests why they made this choice, Debra explained she’s from Kansas and finds driving in Boston a challenge, so she became a zipcar member. Apparently, the company has stellar customer service and operates out of over a dozen cities.

Her friend Noam quickly pointed out, “It turned out to be cheaper because it includes gas and insurance.”

“There’s a jack for your iPod, with every car,” added Deborah. “You open the door with a card, get gas with a card ….”

“There are coupons online, so you don’t have to pay to join, or can get $25 or $50 off …”

Whoa! Information overload! Still, I was glad I had asked the question because their enthusiasm indicated this company is obviously doing something right. Hybrids are also available but in more limited supply of late due to the Toyota recall.

Guests from abroad often complain about being given an “upgrade” to a large gas-guzzling vehicle at Logan when they would have preferred a hybrid. Although zipcar has no pick-up at the airport, I decided this type of rental would make perfect sense for anyone traveling out to Cape Cod for a few days and first visiting Boston, where public transportation is readily available. I intend to recommend zipcar in the future.

Have you ever used zipcar? Were you pleased with the experience?