Saturday, June 05, 2010

What’s Up in Wellfleet this Weekend?

It’s Restaurant Week, June 4-10th. Eat at Moby’s, Winslow’s, Catch of the Day, PJs, Finely JPs, Beachcomber, The Bookstore, Pearl, Van Rensselaer’s or Duck Creek Tavern and enjoy special discounts.

How about going to the theater? Colorado, WHAT’s first show of the Harbor season, began Thursday. Or, go see Howard Zinn’s Daughter of Venus at the Julie Harris Stage.

Sunday, 7:30 at the library, attend a panel discussion on Wellfleet’s Bauhaus Connection with the Friends of the Wellfleet Libraries. On the panel, Ati Gropius Johansen, Peter Watts, and Peter McMahon of the Cape Cod Modern House Trust. (Sven and I would love to hear this talk but already have other plans.)

Last weekend a fundraiser was held to benefit Habitat for Humanity. I asked Elaine McIlroy about the current project and here's what she had to say: “The Habitat house that is being built in Wellfleet needs local volunteers. Aside from one Wellfleetian and eight wonderful young AmeriCorp girls living in Wellfleet, the building days on Thursdays and Saturdays have volunteers from all over the Cape but not from Wellfleet. Please consider volunteering and/or pass this message along. You volunteer online. Go to: and click on the "Volunteer Up" button. You can see the building schedule, what they're doing each day and sign up.  Construction will take seven months, with only a few build days in July and August. They are great at teaching you if you have the desire but no experience. Wear hard soled shoes for safety.”

Watch a video created by David Teffer at FishTV about the Habitat for Humanity project and view some of the magnificent mailboxes, painted by local artists and auctioned off a week ago to raise money for affordable housing: