Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two for the Road (2)

Remember the folks who pedaled here in the rain last week? Turns out Tim Jones is a reporter and wrote about his Cape adventure for the Concord Monitor, mentioning Chez Sven. (Thank you, Tim!) He goes into detail about the trailer some of you noticed, so do check out all the details. I learned about the ferry from Plymouth to Provincetown from Mr. Jones, and it sounds like a great alternative to anyone who does not have easy access to Boston Harbor. Tim and Marilyn were only our third couple to arrive by bike in five years. The second was a young cyclist who pedaled here from Boston, to rendezvous with parents and wife, pleased to have chosen a ferry ride instead. Now that’s real biking enthusiasm! Hey, all you cyclists out there, would you attempt Boston-Wellfleet, in summer, by bike?