Sunday, June 06, 2010

Rain Pleases Gardeners, But Not Tourists

A dreary weekend on Cape Cod! Every shower makes me happier for our parched veggie garden and flowers, but I feel for anyone who booked a vacation. Our Seagull Cottage guests left on Friday complaining about the gray days they had experienced, and our Liberty Coin guests arrived yesterday with long faces. It’s true that one can plan fun outdoor activities and be horribly disappointed when the weather does not cooperate. How much more beautiful Wellfleet is in the sunshine! Check out these wild rosa rugosa, already in bloom at Newcomb Hollow Beach. Sven and I heard several languages on Friday during our walk. The Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism reports that Massachusetts was ranked as the sixth most popular state for overseas visitors in 2009. Can you guess the other five? ... New York, Florida, California, Nevada and the Hawaiian islands.