Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bonus Post: Mayo Beach at Noon Today

It was quite exciting to stand in the line at Mayo Beach an hour ago and share thoughts of a clean-er environment with around sixty strangers. Some people happened by while out swimming, some came on purpose for Hands Across the Sand. A large contingent were in Wellfleet to celebrate Ernie Zobel's 75th birthday. The Zobels brought great "No to Offshore Drilling, Yes to Clean Energy" signs and stickers. And protesters all over the world were doing the exact same thing, at the same time. Will legislators notice?

"Have we gotten any better at green living?" is the question Jane Boursaw asks today at her blog Film Gecko. My response is I sure hope so! Jane read my earlier post this morning and referred her readers here. I'm thrilled the Submission trailer will get this early exposure on a mainstream blog. Thank you, Jane.

What do you think? Have we gotten better at green living?