Friday, June 18, 2010

Hurray for San Francisco!

A few more days and summer will officially be here. I can almost smell the salt sea air – that must be what so many of you are thinking as your Wellfleet vacation draws closer and closer. Vacation is not the topic of the day, but I sure did get your attention, didn’t I? This post is about CELL PHONES. The City of San Francisco has decided to make cell phone manufacturers put a warning on their phones indicating that the radiation emitted may be dangerous to health. In fact, according to ABC News using a cell phone can increase your risk of developing a brain tumor, which will not become obvious until a decade has passed, when it may be too late. I hope the rest of the country will follow suit. I have been harping on the danger cell phones present for years and rigorously refuse to acquire one. My ex used to work for the cell phone industry in France and early on advised his kids not to hold their favorite gadget close to the head …. Do you limit cell phone to emergencies or have you given up your land line?