Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A June Day in the Life

The first day of June was a run, run, run affair. It started with ironing pillowcases and getting the Green Room ready for evening guests. Sven joined me for an excursion to the dump. Then we walked at LeCount Hollow Beach for an hour. (The camera did not want to work. Note the lack of auto focus.) We stopped at PB Boulangerie Bistro on the way back, but the bakery was closed. (Guess they had too many customers over Memorial Day!) By then, it was already 11:30 and so, once home, I joined the Blogathon 2010 Twitter Party. At 12:15, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a car pull up in the cottage parking space. Uh-oh! The guests were one hour and forty-five minutes early. What to do? What to do? We cleaned the cottage yesterday but did not make the beds, which I always leave for last. I raced over, as Sven greeted the guests, from England. After checking them in, I raced back to my computer. Whoa! I won a prize! I don’t usually win prizes. An hour's consultation with Michelle Rafter, the Blogathon organizer who writes the popular blog WordCount. Whoopie! I grabbed lunch and rushed off to Orleans. I hit the bank, and the flower shop, and the vacuum cleaner store. Also, stopped at Phoenix for veggies. Once back in Wellfleet, I pulled up Ron Doyle’s BlogSalad to see if maybe, just maybe, I had won a second prize, but the video was not working, so frustrated, I retreated to the garden to plant more flowers, as well as cucumbers and pumpkins since rain was on the way. After dinner, Sven and I sat down and figured out which button had deregulated my camera. I had intended to watch Bruce Springsteen in Barcelona on WHAT's big screen but felt too beat. Before bed, I took another look at the new basket, beside the outdoor shower, above, which may not look like much but was a collaborative effort: Sven helped me rig it up. Flowers make such a difference. “We live in a paradise,” my husband said as I took his picture. “Thanks to you and your green thumb.” No, actually, he did not say the second phrase but feels that way … We do live in a type of paradise. We are fortunate. Wellfleet is such a special place!