Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Juice Never Fails to Please …

Friday night Sven and I went, for dinner, to The Juice, which had opened the evening before. I sat there snapping my fingers in time to a Motown tune. Sven and I were reminiscing about past Juice dinners: awesome pizzas and smoothies, a particularly memorable broiled bass special, oysters Rockefeller. I took a sip of my “Cape Cod” beer, which offers “a vacation in every pint.” Looking around, I asked myself why I like The Juice so much. Was it the funky light blue floor? The crooked walls? The fresh roses and petunias on every table?

“Maybe we come here because the food is good?” said Sven, answering a question I had not yet asked, the way partners who have lived together for years are wont to do.

I could only agree, as Mare served my tofu entrée, which was yummy.

The casual atmosphere of a local restaurant, run by 20-somethings, also has something to do with the charm of the place, no doubt. Check out Sven’s fish tacos. We had a great meal, at a reasonable price. What more could one ask?