Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yard Sale Raises Money For Caleb & Friends

Need a bread machine? How about some china from England, or a futon? If you missed the massive yard sale organized by Sharyn Lindsay yesterday, never fear, unless you wanted to buy a kayak, because they were both sold. Since the weather forecast promises more sun, probably the sale will continue today across Long Pond Road from the town landing. Sven and I went over yesterday afternoon. He found a beige Trinity cap. I retrieved a fleece from a pile of clothing, better for health than new fleece because the out-gassing is almost over. Lots of Wellfleetians were manning tables, or shopping. Since it's a benefit, hopefully lots of big bills have been pouring in. Sharyn plans to use the money to buy a vehicle to transport Caleb and several other brain-injured folks from the Outer Cape to bowling in Orleans.