Monday, August 23, 2010

Dressed to Prune?

This is my handy, dandy bag-bag, where I put all my plastic bags for transport to recycling at Stop & Shop. A guest left it folded in the wastepaper basket at departure, having tucked whatever she bought at the Cape Cod Mall into her suitcase, and I promptly appropriated. I think it makes a great statement, don’t you? I’m holding on to this one. Only, with such an elegant bag-bag, I need a change of clothes, don’t you think? So I flipped through the New York Times Style Magazine that came yesterday morning with the newspaper and picked out this outfit, a spaced-out gypsy look I could wear all day without a change of clothes. It would fit right in, say, Wednesday, when Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko will read at the Congregational Church at 8 pm, with a vodka reception afterward at Winslow’s Tavern, or earlier in the afternoon, at the pruning party set up by Town Administrator Paul Sieloff, under the power lines. I could tuck the pruning shears into my belt and hold a loper over my shoulder, casual like. But, I worry. Do you think I might look a bit out of place when I turn in the plastic at Stop & Shop?

Update: Oh! Sven says this outfit is way too expensive. Jacket, $11,000; Vest, $60,000; pants, $750; poncho, $1000, skirt, $4600, for a grand total of $77,350, plus tax. He's right. Much too expensive for Wellfleet. Oh, well. I'll just go in jeans, the way I usually do ...