Wednesday, November 22, 2006

During Quiet Season ...

On the way to Dyer Pond, I have seen emerald moss and bright yellow fungus. The colors are incredible. Today Dyer Pond lies still, framed by the deep, dark woods. “Oh, look!” Sven exclaims. We walk down to the shore and realize the western sky, above the pond rim and trees, has turned fuchsia. This spectacular view lasts only a couple minutes. How lucky we were to have witnessed such beauty!

In Quiet Season, Nature is always on display at Cape Cod. Sven and I love to take long walks. Here the wind sculpted a miniature village into the side of a cliff at Duck Harbor. The power of Nature takes our breath away.

For those of you out there who plan ahead, a very special weekend will take place at the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary this February: Yoga, Nature & the Stillness of Winter, Saturday February 3, led by therapist and yoga instructor Jackie Corso, emphasizes the healing quality of nature. Registration is recommended.

Another good reason to visit Wellfleet in winter? Our Atlantic Ocean beaches, which you will have to share with seagulls, a seal or two, and the occasional surfing fanatic, zealously diving into the cold water.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Climate Change

Whoa! On Cape Cod? You bet. The Provincetown Banner informed us this week that a rise of only ten feet would submerge Provincetown. What a shame that would be! Here is Sven, this fall, enjoying Provincetown with cousin Xavier, from France. I just discovered a new program that is worth a look: The Climate Code with Dr. Heidi Cullen on the Weather Channel. Today’s show featured Richard Branson, who is contributing 3 billion dollars towards the development of alternative fuels. What can the rest of us do? Recycle. Discuss global warming. Use environmentally-friendly products. We do all three, here at Chez Sven. Try your best to support alternative energy. Wind energy? Why not? Wellfleet erected a tower this week to evaluate the possibility of the installation of a wind turbine at White Crest. Sven and I saw the wind turbines at work off the coast of Germany and Denmark. How majestic they were!

Friday, November 10, 2006

A November Day in the Life

This has been an exceptionally busy day, hardly what one would expect for November. This morning I raked leaves and hauled them off to the dump. I have almost put the whole garden to bed now. The UPS man brought a package of samples form Rishi Tea, which I discovered when cottage guests left an empty tin several weeks ago. I answered emails, sending regrets to three different people for the coming weekend. Then it was off to the Box Lunch for a guacamole sandwich. Sven and I decided to take advantage of the incredible weather and set off for the beach. On the way, we stopped in at the Codder Antiques and purchased a beautiful old chair for Liberty Coin Suite. The ocean waves were exciting! There is nothing quite so invigorating as a brisk walk in the sea air. (If you look carefully, the dot in the middle is a seagull!) Once back home, I planted the rest of the daffodils and helped Sven prepare Seagull Cottage for our guests tomorrow. Pillowcases always look nicer when ironed, so that’s what I did next. For dinner, Sven and I decided to try renovated Finely JPs. We loved the brand new building and color scheme. The menu remains the same. The service was a bit slow, but we enjoyed our dinner, although I regretted not ordering my favorite: Cataplana with lobster, delicious! Since so many of Wellfleet's restaurants close in winter, we are glad Finely JPs merits recommendation.

Friday, November 03, 2006

November Begins ...

November means longer periods of darkness and the arrival of colder temperatures. Sure enough, the weatherman predicts our first freeze tonight. Sven saw our last Monarch butterfly yesterday. We have already brought in the last tomatoes and done our best to put the garden to bed. Most of the autumn leaves were brought down by the wind at the beginning of the week. The pink chrysanthemums still adorn the front lawn, so let’s take one last look. Aren’t they beautiful?

With the coming of winter, Seagull Cottage received two new propane tanks from Days' in Provincetown. Both Sven and I were impressed by the efficiency and patience of Days' employees. At first, placement seemed an issue, simply because I could not make up my mind. We finally settled on the corner between the kitchen and the main bedroom, where the tanks could be hidden away. Seagull Cottage offers both propane heat and a fireplace.

Although cold, the upcoming weekend will boast bright blue sky. Guests have already taken possession of the cottage. More arrive tonight for Liberty Coin. Sven and I have been enjoying our free time to walk Wellfleet’s beaches. We love the way the sandbars reveal themselves at low tide …