Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Thumbs Up for PB Boulangerie Bistro

This week I received an email from Larry in Washington: "I've been happily following your blog since first finding it early in the year. I'd been trying to locate information about the progress of my friend's business in Wellfleet and yours seemed to be the only place it was mentioned. It's since opened and from all I can tell (from you) has been a smashing success..... The place is PB Boulangerie/Bistro. I know they're swamped with bakery business....what about the Bistro? Have you eaten there yet? Enjoyed the food as much as the baked goods?"

We have not yet been brave enough to affront the crowds, so the answer to that question is no. We are waiting for September. But, but, but ... yesterday evening Sven and I were chatting with our Liberty Coin Suite guests, about to leave for dinner.

"You know where we really enjoyed?" Carmen said. "PB Boulangerie Bistro, the ...."

Oscar finished her sentence: "French bistro."

Carmen's face brightened at the memory.

"We sat at the bar, because we did not have reservations. The chef, Philippe, spoke to us and served us pate de campagne." She kissed the tips of her fingers. "Oscar had cod. I chose a salad. For desert, mousse au chocolat. And, of course, champagne."

"The best food we've had here by far!" Oscar added.

There you go, Larry. Straight from the mouths of Europeans. Give our French bistro two thumbs up! Your friends are doing extremely well. Did you really have any doubt about that?

Update 8/12: Great article in the Boston Globe.

Update 8/13: More amazing press in the Washington Post.

Update 8/17: Further mention by a New York Times food blogger.

Has anyone else had a chance to eat dinner at the Wellfleet bistro over the past three weeks since it opened? If so, would you care to share your opinion here?