Friday, August 20, 2010

The Desperate Weekend Room Search Begins …

Still lots of room on Newcomb Hollow Beach, but no beds in town.

"Brr-innng, brr-innng."

ME: “Chez Sven, hello?”

Stranger 1: “I’m looking for a room this weekend. Do you have any available?”

ME: “No. Sorry. We’re fully booked through August 29. I recommend you call the Chamber of Commerce. 508 349 2510.”

“Brr-innng, brr-innng.”

ME: “Chez Sven, hello?”

Stranger 2: “Got a room available this weekend?”

ME: “Sorry, nope. We’re fully booked.”

Stranger 2: “Can you recommend something?"

ME: "You mean, in Wellfleet?"

Stranger 2: "Anywhere on Cape Cod.”

ME: “Whoa! Where do you live?”

Stranger 2: “Boston.”

ME: “First off, don’t come by car. Take the ferry. Call the Chamber of Commerce in Ptown to see if they have any rooms available, because Wellfleet is booked solid. Not one room open, according to the Chamber of Commerce.”

“Brr-innng, brr-innng.”

ME: “Chez Sven, hello?”

Stranger 3: “I’m looking for a double room for Saturday night.”

ME: “We don’t do one night and are fully booked anyway. The Chamber of Commerce is sending people to other towns, so don’t even bother calling in Wellfleet. I suggest you look in Provincetown or change your plans and come in September instead. There are way too many people down here this month.”

Stranger 3: “Thanks for being so honest!”

"Brr-iing, Brr-iing."

ME: “Chez Sven, hello?”

Stranger 4: “I’m looking for a room Friday night."

ME: "Sorry. We're fully booked."

Stranger 4: "How about a couch in your living room?"

ME: “Have you tried the campground?”

You get the idea ….