Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where Tradition & Organic Choice Meet ...

Notice the wide display of organic fruit juices above. Was this picture taken at, A. the health food store in Orleans, B. Stop & Shop, C. the South Wellfleet General Store? If you circled C, you got the right answer. The South Wellfleet General Store has made a particular effort this summer at providing organic food.

Now that everyone, and I mean everyone, is buying, or trying to buy, bread at PB Boulangerie, more folks will do regular shopping in the small shops across LeCount Hollow Road. It is also easy to get off the highway in South Wellfleet and buy a few items when returning from a trip off-Cape. There never seems to be a line. The old wooden plank floors hark back to another era. Not only can you find most staples but unusual stuff like Red Mill products crowd the shelves. Check out these homemade drinks. And, fans rave about the sandwiches made right before your eyes in the deli section, and the locally roasted coffee beans.

Before leaving this quaint place, tucked away between a gallery and a small traditional post office, take a gander at the potatoes. First off, they are organic and fingerling. Second, the containers are the old-fashioned kind, made out of wood. I have always admired similar bins in Sweden and wondered why they went out of style here.

Did you shop at the S. Wellfleet General Store this summer? If so, what products do you recommend?