Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New in Town: Flower Stand, Cupola, Heron, Web-site

Summer brings renewal to a tourist town and this year Wellfleet is no exception. Of course the biggest NEW THING is the Discover Wellfleet Web site. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Paul Pilcher, Chair of the Economic Development Committee of which I am a member, will be on Eileen Brady’s WOMR show, 12:30. All the Web site features do not yet function, but the designers would be happy for feedback. Anyone??

Flowers make me happy. The flower beds at Abiyoyo, above, are particularly awesome this season. I smile every time I walk past. It has been tough weather-wise for my garden, with a few hours of steady rain one day in July, so I was extremely pleased when a cute little flower stand popped up across from the Long Pond beach. I soon discovered Sharyn Lindsey is responsible, so I journeyed down the dirt road to her home, more beautiful than ever with the creation of a cutting garden: zinnias, daisies, sunflowers. Long Pond Farm joins Rose’s farm stand on Route 6 as two local options for fresh locally-grown bouquets. Do you know of any others?

Yesterday Preservation Hall achieved a milestone. The cupola was reinstalled on top of the building. A group of about thirty Wellfleetians stood for two hours in the hot sun while the construction crew did its job. The cupola now sports a magnificent sculpture of a blue heron, custom-made by Del Filardo. For a description of the event, see Chezsven Blog yesterday. I reported that the heron would face the ponds. Guess what! This direction did not look right, so a second attempt was made, and now the blue heron flies west, not east! (Prez. Hall needs $600,000 to be able to open its doors. Please consider a donation now.).