Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Will Be Cape Cod’s Next State Senator?

Roadside signs indicate there’s an election coming up. The primary is on September 14th. The race for the Massachusetts Senate will be close, so it’s important to take a hard look at both Democratic candidates. First, Dan Wolf.

Ellen LeBow writes in the Cape Cod Times, “I can say from experience that Dan Wolf has more capacity for action when it comes to issues that can deeply affect our lives on the Cape, more integrity and follow-through than anyone I've ever known; he is ready to enter the world of policymaking on our behalf. He gives from the heart and has taught his children the same ethics. He listens, he responds, he brings others to action with an intelligence and insight unusual in the commercial or political world. People naturally respond to him. Dan has created a successful business and is a generous and thoughtful philanthropist. This is not a career maneuver, but a mature sense that he is ready to accept the next level of responsibility he feels toward his community. His goal is to be effective and to preserve what is right on Cape Cod.”

Kristen Shantz had this to say: “For decades Dan Wolf has quietly and steadily involved himself in the issues that affect our Cape and Island communities. Review his volunteer activities and one is immediately impressed by the depth of his involvement. Dan’s community service shows an individual who understands the big picture affecting all of our communities. Here is an individual who ‘walks the talk’. His philanthropic activities have been performed quietly for decades. As a community health nurse there were numerous times over the years in which I had to get a patient, or a family member up to Boston. Too many times this seemed to occur on a Friday before some long holiday weekend. Dan’s company, Cape Air, never refused a request. In fact if he learned of a family’s struggle to make those weekly drives to Boston for appointments or treatments, the offer of assistance came to you. He has helped us all without looking for credit or accolades. Speak to those organizations and boards who have had the benefit of his intelligence, business acumen, and negotiating skills. Speak to the employees of Cape Air. The results will be impressive.”

Next up, Sheila Lyons, County Commissioner, who lives in Wellfleet. Here I had to go further afield. I ran into Peter Hall in front of the S. Wellfleet Post Office yesterday morning. Peter told me, “I did support Sheila. We put her in to do a job and she’s moving up. That doesn’t sit well with me.”

I called Helen Wilson: “I’m still weighing it. I have a lot of positive feelings for both.”

Not sure who else to call, I decided to share remarks by both candidates in the Cape Cod Times column My View, so you can make up your own mind. Please feel free to post your choice and why in the comments section, if you feel so inclined.

First Sheila Lyons, then Dan Wolf. Each also has a Facebook page.

Who will I vote for?

As County Commissioner, Sheila Lyons recently put together a working group to study the herbicidal spraying issue. A great initiative, but a year or so too late ….

Dan Wolf is strongly opposed to the spraying of herbicides under the power lines and is not afraid to state his position. He not only talks about protecting the environment, he actually does it, and was endorsed by a coalition of Cape environmentalists. He installed solar panels on his company’s Hyannis headquarters. This action not only reduces his company’s carbon footprint but also creates jobs and supports green industry. I’m voting for Dan Wolf.