Monday, August 02, 2010

Preservation Hall Regains its Cupola

The excitement on Main Street was palpable today at noon in front of Preservation Hall where a crowd had gathered. All heads turned towards the renovated building as a crane slowly lifted the cupola into the air. There were a few gasps, and many smiles once a construction worker had managed to adjust a strap that was hindering the effort. Selectman Dale Donovan was on hand, as were numerous members of the Prez. Hall Board. Old and young seemed mesmerized by the event, a milestone for our community center, without a doubt. Next sculptor Del Filardi, below left, will assist with placement of a blue heron sculpture at the very top. Before I left, I heard her asking onlookers which direction the heron should fly. East, west, north, or south? I suggested toward the ponds, because I have seen herons flying from the Wicked Oyster, over Chez Sven, towards the kettle ponds. She agreed. (More photos tomorrow.)