Monday, August 16, 2010

How Unique We All Are!

Have you ever noticed how each zinnia is different? We often take in only the pretty bouquet as a whole and do not notice the intricacies of each one that go way beyond color. Some zinnias are small, some large. These bright summer flowers come in orange, yellow, red, pink, white, and mixtures in between. Each plant produces a slightly different shade. As a flower ages, the individuality becomes more pronounced. Look at the petals first. Actually, they are not petals, but “ray flowers.” Some are wide and in a single row. Others have a profusion of overlapping "ray flowers," small dabs of color. Now examine the center or eye, which usually has a dome shape and tends to grow more prominent as the flower ages. On this dome are yellow disk flowers, like a miniature fireworks display.

As I was admiring my zinnias during dinner yesterday evening, Sven was talking about our guests and how different they all are. Some are talkative and outgoing. Others shy and take more time to open up to strangers. Some wear bright flashy colors. Others dress more conservatively. But each person is an individual, just like my zinnias …