Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding Inspiration at Dyer Pond

Rainy overcast days are conducive to reflection. Yesterday Sven and I went walking at Dyer Pond, an ideal place to think about nature and the ongoing destruction of the environment. The serenity at Dyer Pond gives pause.

Disconcerting realization: leadership on global warming and the environment, ie. the future of life on this planet, is not happening.   Government seems to be failing us on a regular basis.   Look at the way the Gulf oil spill was handled, at how the climate bill was blocked. Even the media no longer does a satisfactory job. We must look elsewhere for inspiration, to Canada, which will ban BPA, to Facebook, where strangers can exchange constructive ideas, to Europe, which protected its citizens from GM crops and toxins a decade ago. I’m excited to be starting a working group here in Wellfleet to study ways to improve our community by going green, one town among many in search of transition. When inspiration does not come from above, we must find it within ourselves …