Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wellfleet Water Tower Gets Coat of Paint

Summer is almost over for anyone with kids because kids are heading back to school, hopefully with green products in their book bags and healthy food in their eco-chic lunch carriers. Over the past three months, so many, many cars passed the new water tower on Long Pond Road to reach Long Pond or the Atlantic Ocean. I wonder what these drivers thought? No one, not one person, has said anything to me about the new eyesore on the Wellfleet horizon, as viewed from the marina. Chalk that. David Wright did comment, didn’t you David? But no tourists seem especially bothered by the huge town mushroom that sprouted beside the playing field. We had one guest who had thought of buying property nearby and chose rural Virginia instead.

“Why did they have to cut all those pine trees?” Robert said, in a tisk-tisk voice that also expressed exasperation.

“Access road,” I replied.

There was talk of toxic residue floating in the air above Old Long Pond Road during sand-blasting, but that died down quickly. Now the tower is receiving a fresh coat of white paint. What do you think of the new water tower?