Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Be Kind to the Bee Kind ..."

Today is National Honey Bee Day. Above a new type of see-through bee hive, photographed at Littlefield Farm, in Eastham. Did you know honey bees are in danger? Colony Collapse Disorder is a worldwide problem. Take a few minutes to think about pollination and reflect on the fact that pesticides may be killing our bees. No bees, no food. Then read helpful tips on how to help the bee population, posted by my friend Melanie at her blog, The Frugal Kiwi. Melanie is learning to become a beekeeper. The bees in New Zealand are in danger, too.

I know several beekeepers. Laura Kelley has a marvelous organic garden in Eastham, the neighboring town. Lucky bees who live in her hives! Laura tends her bees with lots of TLC. On National Honey Bee Day, she reminds us, “For the flowers we love, the plants we eat and the honeybees we need, be non-toxic inside and outside your home!”