Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on Recent Events ...

The PAN MASS Challenge raised 31 million dollars this year to benefit cancer research and treatment at Dana Farber Institute in Boston. The race passes two blocks away from Chez Sven, since bikers take Long Pond Road to reach Route 6 again.

Last weekend I also reported on the yard sale to benefit Caleb Potter and other brain-injured folks on the Outer Cape. Sharyn Lindsay and friends raised $5,600 over the two-day sale, so Caleb and the boys will be getting that necessary transport to activities.

The auction at Sweet Seasons to benefit Alzheimer's netted $21,300.

Finally, David Teffer has sent me his latest FishTV production, which shows installation of the cupola atop Preservation Hall. Dave dedicated the video to Simone Reagor.