Sunday, April 03, 2011

Should We Worry About Nuclear Fallout?

This shard of "no return" glass can be avoided at Newcomb Hollow Beach, but what about the invisible radiation that descended as rain last week? Why do public health organizations not provide suggestions on how to deal with this situation rather than repeat, "Don't worry" over and over? I cannot believe the government because I lived in France during Chernobyl, when the news media told us the nuclear cloud was not over Paris. Many French friends must now take thyroid supplements, myself included. Sven read, in a Swedish newspaper, that the disaster in Japan is actually becoming worse than Chernobyl. Here in the States, I cannot even find news articles on the subject. Oh, wait. I found one, from Environmental Health News. Do read it!

My friend Harriet tells me only two of the GE reactors in this country are under review. One is at Pilgrim. If anyone hears of constructive protest options, please let me know. Time to listen to Rick Arnoldi's STOP NOW, an upbeat pop-reggae anti-nuke tune from the 1970s. Harriet reports, "The vintage vinyl 45s will be available at the Earth Day opening at Gallery Ehva and at our First Encounter show April 23, and at 100% of profits will go to Red Cross Japan. The name of the band we assembled for the recording is TSURU (the Japanese word for cranes, ie. the origami birds that have come to be children's anti-nuclear symbol)."