Sunday, April 17, 2011

Liberty Coin Suite Again Welcomes Guests

We have guests in Liberty Coin Suite for the first time this season. It's Patriot's Day tomorrow, and lots of cars are about as non-residents take advantage of the three-day holiday to open houses. As usual, the parking lot at PB was full when I drove past yesterday, on my way to Orleans for organic fruit. The weather is not ideal, but our guests will be cozy under their warm duvets. Making Liberty Coin Suite available means several extra hours of work for Sven and me. (Think spring cleaning.) During the week, I caught half a dozen mice. Catching mice is not my favorite job, but it's necessary. (If only Sven didn't have allergies, we could get a cat!) I put a few sprigs of forsythia in a vase to brighten the room. Without the sun, even with the skylight shades up, it's a bit dark in there on rainy days. Once we had finished preparation, a distinct feeling of pride came over me. We did this. We made this place look incredible. Check out how nice the Cape Cod Braided Rug Company’s rugs are!