Sunday, April 24, 2011

An April Day in the Life

I got up early yesterday morning in order to have breakfast ready for our Green Room guests at 8:30. I sat with them and chatted for a while. He’s an organic farmer, and she’s an environmentalist, so we had a lot to talk about. Here was another opportunity to share Our Stolen Future by Dr. Theo Colborn! I have given away almost a dozen of her books now. After breakfast, I helped Sven prepare Liberty Coin Suite for a family from Germany. Then off I went in the rain, to the bank in Orleans. After depositing two checks, I headed around the corner to Phoenix Fruit and bought their last three containers of organic strawberries, not yet available in Wellfleet. I continued on to Yarmouth for a visit with my dentist, where I waited a half hour while he finished up with an earlier patient. On the way back, I stopped in Orleans again at Stop & Shop. Easter means many folks return to the Cape to open up second homes after the winter, and the parking lot was full. Fortunately, there were spaces at PB Boulangerie! I stopped for bread and waited about ten minutes in line. Since Philip's wife Valeria seemed quite frazzled, I deduced PB must have been having a busy Easter weekend. Once home, I chatted with our guests some more. They had braved the rain in Provincetown and were now in search of a restaurant for dinner. Once we had made them a reservation at Wicked Oyster, I waited for the Liberty Coin guests to arrive. I read the newspaper. I read Facebook. I paced a bit – it’s hard to start a project when you know it may be interrupted at any time – then I read Facebook some more. Sven and I sat down to dinner at 6. By 8 pm, I had really begun to wonder what had happened to the Germans. Was their plane late? No doubt. At 8:26 I received an email saying they had just crossed the Sagamore Bridge. Another hour of waiting lay ahead of me, but at least I knew when they would get here. Waiting for guests is definitely one of the worst parts of being an innkeeper!